Aaron J. Staples

PhD Student & Research Assistant in the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State University

Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Graduate Student Section Chair-Elect

MS in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University BA in Economics from Westfield State University

My Research Interests

Food Systems

How does food get from the farm to your table? Food value chains are flexible, intricate, interstate systems. I enjoy exploring various complexities in agricultural value chains and aspire to contribute to improving the safety, reliability, and resiliency of our food systems.     

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics incorporates psychology into economic theory, explaining the underlying biases and heuristics driving consumer decision making. By incorporating behavior and institutions into our thinking, we can see how failing to account for these implicit tendencies can lead to critical inefficiencies throughout the system.


How will industry and agriculture adapt to climate change? How do we improve the resiliency of our agricultural supply chains? I am particularly interested in exploring the marketing of sustainability practices to consumers, understanding what drives the decision to invest in sustainability, and uncover how consumers value these attributes.

Curriculum Vitae



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